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Are there any bullet swaging people on this board???

If you've ever done any bullet swaging, not only putting lead cores into copper jackets, but just forming the cast bullet's size and nose shape to something better than your mould drops them at.

Then you know that it is work to pound the ejector stem to release the bullet that's been shoved up into the swaging die body. You have to hit it with a mallet to eject it.

I don't really do lead cores into copper jackets, but I do hundreds of cast bullets reshaping them to shoot with better accuracy.

This sometimes requires bumping up bullets to a larger diameter to shoot in over size chamber throats in a revolver's cylinder that has over sized throats.

All this can be done with standard swaging dies, but I've developed a better bullet ejector device than just using a mallet or hammer.

It's called the ABE, (automatic bullet ejector) this item is an attachment device that bolts onto the top of a standard swaging die body. Parts required to make this unit is less than $20.00 and its simple to fabricate...or have a machinist make for you.

One box spring bullet ejector can be interchangeable with several calibers, and the bullet ejector punch can be screwed off & on to acquire different diameters for the different calibers.

For more information contact Jim at [email protected] as I'm offering illustrated construction plans for a reasonable price. I'm also offering email photos and help in making this attachment device.

Thanks, TB C45

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