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Is $350 for a Chinese SKS paratrooper a good buy?

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A friend just offered to sell me his Chinese SKS paratrooper for $350.
In today's market that seemed like a good deal to me, but then again I don't do much buying and sell.
What do y'all think?

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If this is actually a Paratrooper, it will have a markedly shorter than standard barrel. The "M" version will also accept AK mags. The current crop of Chinese SKS rifles has been languishing in Customs for a while, awaiting a ruling on whether they were restricted under the Executive Order banning import of Chinese firearms. Apparently, they were from a different source.

They are 90% beaters. That said, locally, they have been selling for $400-450. Joking, I offered one dealer my Chinese SKS, pre-ban, with bayonet, and he was willing to give me $450 for it. Said that a gun in such good condition could get him $650.00, or up. He also offered me $1000.00 for my unissued Albanian SKS!!
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