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Hello All,
I just purchased my first Taurus Millenium Pro PT111 (not sure of the generation)... Because of the state I'm in (FL) i have to wait till at least Thursday to take it home. However, there is no law in my state that doesn't prevent me from firing it at the range i purchased it from so long as i didn't take it out of the shop... After purchasing it I put a 100 rounds through and it only had one Miss feed (still bullets in the magazine, firing and the next round does not get chambered) on like the 25th round i think... So I'm impressed with my new little pistol.

A little bit about me, Im 24, just graduated college and am now working. I travel a pretty good distance to get to work and through some bad neighborhoods... Hence the need for my purchase. I'm taking the CWP course in March. I grew up in a weaponless family and have had an interest in firearms this past year when a friend of mine convinced me to come to the range and try out three of his pistols. One was the Taurus PT92 and It was my favorite out of all his firearms... Ive looked through your site and I do like what you all have going here... It seems that you have some pretty well informed members and I hope to learn much from all of you...


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Weclome to the forums. Welcome to the PT111 Mil/pro club as well. Let us have a range report and when you can.

The PT92 is an excllent pistol also. It's recommended by shooting instructors for police, military, and civilian schools. They use them for loaner guns as well when other shooters have theirs break during courses.

Will recommend reading all the FAQs, sticky threads on all the boards,and reading new and old threads to get brought up to speed if not done already.

Oh,yes. There are no dumb questions. All questions are accepted. We all were or are beginners and all of us are still learning.

Pull up a chair,put the feet up and sit a spell. :)
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