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All experiments, to be acceptable, must have controlable values. While this comparison leaves a bit to the imagination it is still interesting. Customer service is and should be an issue with any major purchase be it a firearm or a a vehicle. When making puchase decisions, one of the criteria I look at is CS. Interestingly, I researched Taurus before making my purchase and felt the good out weighed the bad when taking all points (price, apearance, ergonomics, reliability, aftersale support) into consideration. I did the same with Steyr before purchasing the M-A1. Steyr customer service was regarded so highly by owners that it actually convinced me to purchase it over what had initially been my first choice, Beretta. The importance is there. I can only hope that Taurus understands the value of a happy customer. For me, only time will tell.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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