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interesting PT111 G2 video...

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there is alot on youtube but I think you guys might enjoy seeing this one.

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Yeap I wonder how secure you can get the XD gear holsters to work he did say he didn't tighen it down and there was just alittle play. I'd say tighten it down alittle to take that little bit of play out and your good to go. I always thought the XD holsters were a silly size if you got something like a 5 inch barrel gun.. I mean they work and they are free but for something more compact they are about perfect.

ADD moment here... am I the only one who finds it funny that springfield gives you a mag holster that holds two mags and a gun holster but only two mags? Seems to me to make the "package" complete they should cough up an extra mag =P But yeah I'd rather just pay less and just gimi the gun and acouple mags but I did recently get an XD and it is kinda cool that they gave me a holster for when I get a PT111 G2 =P

Sorry to get off topic I know that NEVER happens around here :D but yeah I don't have ADD... oh look shiny object!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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