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Installed the D spring

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If I have a firearm with a decent trigger I usually leave well enough alone. I have done some spring work with meh results. When I got my pt92afs awhile back I did the polish job but skipped the spring. I was satisfied with the results but was drawn to try the spring but wanted a real d spring. So I got one from Olhasso. In the past when ordering from gun parts places I've received the wrong parts. Usually due to a gun with different variations and one size did not fit all. I presume the warehouse guys figure a part is a part and throw it in the wrong bin. Any how I did the spring switch and am satisfied with the results. I shaved about 2 pounds off da and maybe a half off sa. I don't have a real pull gage but made one from a fish scale. Works well enough to get it close. I made it for two reasons: I'm retired on a fixed income and well I'm cheap. LOL. If anyone is considering it I would recommend it. Just make sure it is real d spring. Some folks have said they did not notice a difference and makes me wonder if they got the right spring.
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I did a polish a D spring and and polish job on my PT 92 about a year ago I didn't have a trigger gauge at the time but I noticed a difference from before. I got LYMAN TRIGGER PULL GUAGE in last Friday I m playing with it now to get used to it it. Is touchy and will give off different readings if you pull too fast it shows very life pulpit gives I my opinion a more accurate reading slow and steady I've been using my 1911's as test pulls the the 92 would be a good test vehicle.
I just went and checked the TRIGGER PULL on my PT 92 the average of five pulls was 4LB's .15is say right at 5lb
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