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When I first got my Taurus PT945B, I noticed right away that it had a different style of trigger than my PT908, and while it did not have any effect on the SA pull, the DA pull was a bit more difficult, the newer curvature forcing your trigger finger up, making it harder to pull the Trigger straight back. The older style PT945 used to come with the same trigger as the PT908. Current PT945's and some other Taurus Pistols now may come with the older PT908 trigger, so they've gone back to it.

A few years later I decided to do something about mine and I then located some PT908 parts at Gun Parts Corp, and ordered a PT908 trigger.

The Procedure for changing out the PT945, PT92, and similar pistol triggers is as follows.
(Note: The reader assumes ALL risk of use of this procedure! If you are not mechanicly adept, print this out and take your Pistol to a Qualified Gunsmith, familiar with the Design!)

1.) Disassembly: Check that your subject Pistol is unloaded, and Field strip pistol by locking back the slide, remove the magazine, press Takedown Lever Release Button Fully in, Rotate Takedown Lever fully down (6 O’Clock position) and push the slide/barrel assembly off the frame. Decock the hammer fully and Gently, past the halfcock position.

2.) With the frame still in hand, press the takedown lever release button in again, retaining it, and rotate the takedown lever past it’s normal resting place till it’s 180 degrees from it’s normal takedown position. Now pull the takedown lever out and release the takedown lever release button, which should just come out. At the top of the frame, remove the frame insert just over the trigger, which unlocks the barrel from the slide. Place these parts in a place to segregate them from others.

3.) With the appropriate ScrewDriver, remove the right grip panel and it’s screws. Please note the position of the disconnector spring jutting up against the trigger drawbar and remove it by using a punch to pry it away from the drawbar. Note that the other end of the disconnector spring is retained by a hole in the frame. Pry the disconnector away from the Drawbar Channel and pull it out. Place it with the grip panel parts group.

4.) Look into the frame and observe the mousetrap style trigger return spring and note that the angled foot of the spring is up against the trigger drawbar pin. Now pull the trigger drawbar, located on the left side exterior of the frame, straight out away from the frame. Place the drawbar with the grip panel parts group.

5.) Optional: Inspect the top of the hammer trip wedge on the drawbar. If it is smooth, it could be polished or left alone. If it has toolmarks, it NEEDS polishing. Polish only the top and do not remove or round any corners. Flitz Metal Polish on a felt Dremel bob or Craytex wheel works great.

6.) Caution! This step of the procedure is a bit delicate! The head of the Trigger Pivot Pin is being retained by the end of the Slide Stop Spring. Push the Slide Stop up as far as it will go and gradually lift the Slide Stop out about 3/8 inch out, and note how the Slide Stop Spring is positioned around it, then try to retain the Slide Stop Spring as you lift the Slide Stop out till it just clears the Frame and then swing the Slide Stop and Spring forward towards the muzzle end of the frame until they are perpendicular to the Frame side. Then lift the Dog Leg of the Slide Stop Spring (still attached to the Slide Stop) up and out, to free the Trigger Pivot Pin. Leave the Slide Stop Spring attached to the Slide Stop and place it in a new parts pile.

7.) The Trigger Pivot Pin retains the Trigger Return Spring as well as the Trigger. Place your hand over the Frame (to catch the Trigger Return Spring) and push out the Trigger Pivot Pin from the Left Side of the frame with a small punch. (No Hammer Needed!) The Trigger, Trigger Return Spring, and Trigger Pivot Pin should fall out. Place these parts with the Slide Stop and Spring. The old Trigger may be placed in the box that your pistol came with.

8.) Re- Assembly: Place the Frame on a Flat Surface. Insert the New Trigger into the Frame, lining up the Trigger Pivot Pin holes in each. Insert the Trigger Pivot Pin just far enough to retain the New Trigger. Insert the Trigger Return Spring and it’s so that it’s Coils are in the path of the Trigger Pivot Pin and the Trigger Return Spring Dogleg (bent end) are headed towards the back of the Frame. Push the Trigger Pivot Pin thru the Trigger Return Spring Coils, thru the other side of the Trigger’s Trigger Pivot Pin hole and into the other side of the frame until it is completely seated.

9.) Pick up the Slide Stop with the Slide Stop Spring on it and insert the Slide Stop Springs Dogleg (bent end) into the frame hole that retains the Trigger Pivot Pin head, swinging the Slide Stop and Spring back towards the Frame, entering the Slide Stop Shaft Hole, while angling the Slide Stop in an uppermost position. Push it all the way in and let it rest in the down position.

10.) Pick up the Trigger Drawbar and start to slide it into the Frame stopping after entering the First Trigger Drawbar hole. Straighten a Paper Clip and bend the end into a SMALL Shepherds hook. I suggest using a small Needle Nose Pliers or Tweezers. Insert the hook between the Trigger Drawbar holes and pull the Trigger Return Spring forward past the Trigger Drawbar holes and press the Trigger Drawbar completely in. Release the Trigger Return Spring Dogleg so that it rests against the Trigger Drawbar. Remove the Hook from the Frame, disturbing nothing.

11.) Place the Disconnector Return Spring’ Dogleg (bent end) into it’s Frame Hole and the other side into the underside channel of the Trigger Drawbar. Replace the Right Grip Panel back onto the Frame and replace the Grip Panel Retention Screws. Check trigger actuation of Drawbar and Hammer, but do not allow the hammer to strike the Frame.

12.) Put the Takedown Lever Release Button and Spring and place them back into the frame, holding the Takedown Lever Release fully flush with the frame. Put the Barrel Unlock Frame Insert back into the top of the Frame. Insert the Takedown lever (lever end at 12’ oclock to the frame) fully back into the frame and then rotate it down to the Takedown (6’ oclock) position. Release Takedown Lever release button and then Re-assemble Slide/Barrel assembly back onto Frame.

Edit Note: Picture Links updated due to Website Host Change
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