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Indash DVD player/flip out screen for sale

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My wife traded in her Equinox for the 07 Scion Tc and the indash flip out screen won't work in the Tc. It has a door that closes over the face of the radio so a flip out screen will not work. Everything works perfect and I am only assking 350. It plays DVd's mp3s cd's and all the recordable stuff too. its an all in one unit so theres no hide away brain. just plug and play. its a jensen vm9410

here are a few pics




I have the box it came in and all the origanal paper work
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It says Im only asking 350 lol

But ya I only want $350 and the shipping should be about 13 bucks so Ill cover that for you sir
*READ next time* :bang:

That's not as bad as I thought? I'd like to have one but I just sold all my system stuff to build a motor.
well theres nothing like starting over with a good head unit ;D
Thats why this section is called " Classifieds " " other " I wanted to sell this for $400 but I am offering it to you guys here and members of my car club for 50 bucks less. I have a lot of respect for the guys here and I thought maybe some one would want this and for a very good price.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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