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In Memorial

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It would seem that given the military history of the 1911 that it is appropriate for this forum to recognize our fallen warriors from so many wars and conflicts. There was a time when the Civil War veterans gatherings became a gathering of old men. As now so to those who served in WWII. But in truth, it is up to us... the rest for whom their sacrifice was made to remember these heros.

Congress has asked the we cease all activity at 3:00 pm for a moment of silent remembrance.

Personally these days I find my prayers drawn to various groups... wounded warriors, family & children, etc.

Perhaps you have a way to remember Memorial Day and our men and women who gave their highest and best... please share it here!
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I call my father, who, at 86, is a WWII Army Air Corp. veteran. 1942-1946.
I put up Red White and Blue lights around my flag and went shooting.Often stopping to remember our Heroes that protected my and your Rights .
Dad was a WWII Marine.He's gone now with most of the Greatest Generation.I spoke with my Aunt yesterday.Her husband a Bombardier
Lest we Forget
As a member of both the American Legion and VFW, it is nice to see the young men and women joining. As long as this happens the memoirs of those who came before will not fade. When I joined in the 70's it was mainly WW2 and Korean vets. But with each passing year there are fewer and fewer. Next it will be us Vietnam Era vets that will be fewer.
my dad passed away last december, a vet of the US NAVY. he served on the PCS-1387, a minesweeper/subhunter on the east coast of the US from Virginia down to Gitmo. He even did some liberty in Havana, back in that day it was available. his battle station was the port side 20mm AA gun. he was the greatest man i ever knew. i love him more than i can ever say.


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A buddy and I took out our AR15s and some pistols and did some shooting in memory of our veterans.
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