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Im new with a new gun

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I recently bought a 24/7 pro .45 cal and initially had some serious accuracy issues, however after navigating through the site I got help with the sights and can't wait until I shoot down another tree in my backyard. ;D I shot a tree, just to watch it die or fall.
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Did you post something similar at THR or TFL forums? Some guy did and got taken to task for it until it was revealed that the tree type in question is a nuisance plant where the guy lived.It was saplings being shot. This was declared by the state if my memory serves right. Then the contorversy blew over. Where are my manners. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your time here. We have quite the PT145 fan club here. And we do not charge much for free advice. Got you going with that one. We take dubloons or Phenigs. Easy payments of $.000000009995. Were cheap. The advice is actually free and so is everything else. Unless you order merchandise in the form of shirts and stuff. That's an advertiser who offers Taurus armed marked goodies. Enough of the shameless plug.Give us a range report. We do after all assign homework from time to time. Happens when you buy a new firearm or the significant other( HA HA) does. Relatives are included. First day and work is assigned. Ain't this just some stuff? ;D :D Have fun. ;D
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