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I'm going to practice some "gun control" today.

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I'm headed down to the FOP range with a couple of .22 rifles. One is a Mk2 bolt gun, nothing special, but a lot of fun to shoot. The other is a Mk2 target rifle, bull floating barrel, 3 pound trigger, aperture sights. I can shoot about 50 feet at the indoor range. Now for the control part. I'll sit at the table, put my choice on a rest, do some deep breathing, acquire the target, take a semi-deep breath, release about a third of it, and wait until my hear is at rest, then gently depress the trigger rearward until I hear the "bang" and feel the very gentle recoil. I will then quickly count to 2, and follow the trigger to the reset position. I will begin breathing again, reload, and repeat an additional 9 time. Each time I depress the trigger, I will use only the tip of my trigger finger. I will not squeeze the stock of the gun with my right hand while depressing the trigger. I will dial out everything around me and become one with the gun. After 10 rounds, I will look at the target, then go to the target and see how I did. I can almost guarantee that the group of 10 rounds will be smaller than my little finger nail. THAT my friends, is gun control.
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