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I'm a @#%$%$$#^&&*

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Need help, got the 24/7 OSS home today and tore it down to clean.
Went to remove the slide cap clip and it bent upward real easy, noticed a line
through it like it split, but not completely.
Question, do I need to call Taurus and get one sent, or if it's not broken in two, am
I ok?
And can you tell me what it do'es?
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Thanks guys, have not shot it yet, but will just order new ones.
As a side note, do'es the slide on these have a little play side to side?
Realized when the mag is in, no play in slide.
Well, at the front of the slide past the rail I get about "A Smige" of play side to side.
Wonder if I should just send it in?
Shot it Today for the first time and NO PROBLEMS, proper cleaning and mag break-in does wonders.
But still don't like that play in the gun.....
Damn OCD!!!!
Called Taurus this morning, explained what was happening with the play in it( and really, it isn't much) and
was asked if I shot it. I answered yes, and it shot great. Woman says" So anything else I can do for you?"
and I laughed. She said that there will be just a smidge of play at the front, nothing to worry about.
I do love Taurus, very friendly people.
And yes, my OSS shoots straight and true, no problems with it at all.
Take my advice new Taurus owners, Inspect before you buy, CLEAN it WELL and cycle the slide alot and load
your mags and let them SIT for a few days.
THEN go shoot it!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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