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I'm a @#%$%$$#^&&*

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Need help, got the 24/7 OSS home today and tore it down to clean.
Went to remove the slide cap clip and it bent upward real easy, noticed a line
through it like it split, but not completely.
Question, do I need to call Taurus and get one sent, or if it's not broken in two, am
I ok?
And can you tell me what it do'es?
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As long as the cap stays in place when you're shooting it, it should be fine. You need to be careful with it when removing it, putting a small flathead screwdriver under the long clip part and gently lifting up on it will get it out usually with no issues.

If you need more, they are sold in bags of 3 and I think I got them shipped to me for a total of $9 or so.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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