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Illustrated step-by-step guide to gun cleaning (semi-auto)

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Hello everyone,

Can someone post a step-by-step guide on properly cleaning and oiling a semi-auto pistol like the PT145 or the PT640? Or do we have one already in this site which I just can't find?

This will be a big help specially for the newbies like me. :rolleyes:


Nelsito ;)
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If you go on You Tube and search PT145, there is a guy there that has a 10 minute video showing the proper breakdown and cleaning of a PT145. It is very detailed and much easier for you when you see someone doing it on the same model of firearm that you own. He even makes some good suggestions on types of cleaners.
Thanks for the info hockeynut52, I'll search youtube for the video you mentioned.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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