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I agree, but once in a while I have to show them just how wrong they are. I was at a large gunrange in Houston TX a while back shooting my PT-145 Millennium Pro. There were three guys shoting to my right and one of them made reference to my Taurus something like being an "unreliable piece of foreign plastic crap". I never even looked their way, just kept on blasting away the 230gr MagTech ammo I practice with. I noticed that one of them was shooting some sort of Glock, another had a Smith semi-auto and the other had a Colt Anaconda. Their targets looked like they had been shot with shotguns. I heard one guy make mention of the tight groups I was making. 5 targets on one sheet and none of them was more that 3" at 15 yards. After shooting 150 rounds without any malfunctions the one with the Glock came over and asked me about the gun, I loaded a mag into it, handed it to him and said "I'll let the gun do all the talking". He proceeded to punch some very nice tight groops on my target, handed the gun back with a surprised look on his face, said thank you and walked away.

Later that day I saw them pull into a local chain gunstore called Carter's Country, so I just had to go in and see what they were looking for. The glock guy and the revolver guy were both looking at the PT-145 and the other guy was handling a PT-140 ;D. I did not stay around to see if they purchased them, had to meet my beautiful wife for lupper.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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