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Went to the range yesterday with my new PT111 Pro 9mm and love it. Put 211 round thru it and had Zero problems. I do not have any pics of the targets. I went with some people from work. They were shotting XD's one was a XDSC9 and the other was a XD tactical 9mm. After shotting mine I shot the two XD's. The XD's were nice but I was very happy with the money I saved. The handels on the XD's seemed to be wider than the PT111, me and the two other guys all thought that. But all Three Guns were easy to shot.

The end is I am happy I got the Taurus. I like the fell of the Taurus better than the XD. When I am ready to by a Second gun It will more than likely be a Taurus also.

PT111 Pro 9mm
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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