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I want to look at classifieds

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And I need one more post
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to get to the 10 minimum
i've had a 24/7 .40 for about a year. Also picked up a 4410.
you always need one more.

since the 24/7 & 4410:

Savage 111
Ruger 10/22
KelTek PLR16
Reminton 870 Marine

Hopefully in the next 6 months or so:
PT1911 (whenever the stainless comes out)
Savage model 24F (30-30 over 12 guage)

Uncle's gonna give me my grandfather's 22 bolt action (remington??) at xmas
and Grandmother on other side is gonna give me a WWII tropy Mauser (needs a lot of work if salvageable at all) at xmas
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www.gunboards.com is a collectors forum for just about every type of gun made.

There are other forums for collectors, but thought you might find this one interesting. :)

C+R Gun Collector Forums - Message Board - ezboard.com
TERMS OF USE : Welcome to the C+R Collector Gun Forums. This site encourages peaceful interaction between our members and readers.

And here's another one.
Qwiks Draw... Thanks for the link....found some good info.
Glad to be of service. One thing that staff and members are great at here, is getting one a answer or guide people to those who can.
I am going to take advantage of this thread and get a quick post in.
I didnt realize that you needed 10 posts to see classifieds....I thought they just didnt have them. D'oh!
It's in the fine print when you check in or in the News section at the top of the pages at certain times. We suggest everyone appropriating a microscope for reading the small print. :D Not really, but one has to read the lines..... not between them. :D ;)

We were going to try and get everything on microdots, but the CIA and Homeland Security were against it. :) ;) :D ;D ::) :eek: ;D Do I hear black helicoptors approaching???? ??? ;D :D ;) :)
Me too but I have a ways to go!!
I, too, would like to see all the classifieds. Thanks.

Be careful people, garbage posts just to get your total up are in danger of being deleted.

1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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