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I.O. Inc stock swap to ATI Strikeforce

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So I bought a new stock for my AK, since I've been wanting an upper rail on the top to mount a red dot. I've been eyeing the ATI Strikeforce stock set for a while at Dunham's, and finally bought it a couple days ago. Today was the day I decided it was time to go and work on the gun for a bit. It really wasn't too hard to do at all, but i did have to pull out the Dremel and naw off a little material to make the lower hand guard seat properly around the rear sight mount. The bad part is that I can't use my folding fore grip on the lower rail, it just doesn't open up enough to slide around it so I just put the factory lower hand guard on to keep the fore grip for now until I buy a new fore grip. The pictures were taken with the replacement hand guard installed just to complete the look.

I used all three original screws (2 in the buttstock and the long pistol grip) and everything went back together without a hitch. I personally like the adjustable cheek rest, and the padding sticker was easy to line up and apply evenly across it. I really think I'm going to enjoy shooting with that Scorpion Recoil Pad built onto the stock, as it's much more comfortable than the hard ribbing of the original butt.
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Overall, it was a pretty pleasant experience to do the switchover. I only needed to use a flathead and phillips screwdriver, a drill bit to create the holes in the buttstock, and some time. I wish I could have found my tool pieces for my Dremel, I would have preferred using one of the grinding bits as opposed to the cutting wheel I had installed in it already. Luckily the wheel was down to just the right size to insert vertically and carefully trim both ribs at the same time. I'm definitely gonna have to hunt down a new folding grip and I'm debating on either buying another laser/light combo for it or just snatching the laser off my Hi-Point and slapping it on one of the side rails. Decisions, decisions.....
I will say it felt odd holding that lower hand guard, it almost seems too contoured for that gun. I'll get used to it at some point when I get a new foregrip, but for now I'm sticking with the stock one.
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