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I need some help from someone who knows more then me

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which is a lot ont his forum Im sure haha


Last time I was at the range I was shooting at some 1 inch stickers I placed all over the full size silhouette. I was trying to practice some target shooting or accuracy shooting or what ever you want to call it. I placed the 1 inch stickers around the heart area, the crotch area, the center X area and some on the head and neck area. I then had my buddy tell me which one to hit and with one shot I was nailing any of them except in the head and neck area. I could hit any of the other ones with one shot on command but the head and neck shots would take me 3 or 4 shots to hit :???: This was all at about 10 yards

Now my question is...What am I doing wrong that keeps me from being able to aim and hit where I want to in the head and neck areas like I can in the lower parts of the body, I will admit that I do not practice taking head shots but then again I do not practice taking crotch shots either but I was able to hit the crotch area with one shot but not the head area. Could it be my hold or maybe my stance that would cause this? As many of you know I am a pretty damn good shot and I will be the first to show off when someone tells me to hit this part or that part of the target at any given time, I am able to hit the center X from 15 yards or less with one shot 99% of the time, but for some reason when shooting upward I am off
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It could be natural point of aim. In other words, your stance could put your point of aim directly twoard the lower part of the target. When you move to aim at another part of the target, the natural tension of the muscles in your arms, waist, neck, etc are 'pushing' the weapon off the target.

Also, make sure you are moving the weapon to align the sights, and not moving your head, neck, etc to the sights.
Ya I thought about that too and I made sure to move the gun up and not move my head down, its really bugging me out and the next chance I get to go to the range I am going to shoot nothing but head shots,
Have you tried stapling the BG target to a piece of paper so you can lower it 8-10"?
Maybe you just can't see yourself shooting someone in the head.
Have you tried putting the stickers on a normal sheet of paper (maybe newspaper) at the same variety of heights and see if it makes a difference? It might be something with the silhouette itself messing with your aim.

Ill try putting them on the target backward so its just a plan white sheet of paper and see
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