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I need a 9mm! Help me pick one!

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Hi ya'll, I have been considering geting a 9mm for fun and range use, since ammo has gotten so expensive for my .45's and .40's. The only 9mm I own is a Kel-Tec P11 and that is not something you want to shoot a bunch. I want to keep the price down, so I'm considering finding a used piece.

So far, I've thought about the following;
S&W 59,69 series
S&W Sigma
Taurus or Beretta 92 series
Taurus 908?, 911? series
CZ 75,85 series
Hi-Power clone
Ruger P-series

I want a SA/DA action with at least a 4" barrel.

Any ideas?
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DON'T BUY A HI-POINT, EVER! I have a mil. Pro PT-111, like it very much. Paid $344 for it new. You can most likely find a good used one for under $300. Never shot the Sigma series by Smith. I would go to a gun range somewhere and try as many of these as you can.
SA/DA triggers are what the Taurus 24/7 pistols and their brethren are or are similar. DA/SA triggers are what most of what you listed so far are except the Hi-power clones. And there are a few DA/SA models of those. So which is it that you want?

Let's start with Taurus 92 and it's brethren. This one is, and has been written up in police and tactical journals as a top notch pistol for dureability, price, and accuracy equaling any other similar semi auto pistol. These are suggested as choices for police who have to buy their own pistols.

These have been written up by the likes of Massad Ayoob, Clint Smith, and Chuck Taylor. Their shooting schools have seen many PT92s come through and last all the way through 500 rounds + courses and keep working when many other pistols stop working. These are also used as loaner guns by these shooting schools when other pistols break and another is needed to finish the course. If that is not a endorsement I do not know what is.

All the other brands, makes, and models you listed can have the same said for them as was said for the Taurus PT92.

Then there are the newer Taurus 24/7 pistols that have many satisfied users. These can do just as well as the other pistols you have listed here. Getting used to the light trigger pull that is more like a revolver in figurative terms takes some practice, experience and getting used to compared to DA/SA pistols.

The full size guns are easier to shoot, hit with, and are overall better picks if CCW is not the issue. Longer sight radius, more mass. easier to hold and grip,and easier to hit targets with are the main reasons to go with those.

We have members here who have and like their S&W SIGMAs.

The older used S&W pistols that you listed are ok, but parts, gunsmiths who can work on them, and other factors may make them a secondary choice.

The other Taurus pistols you mentioned will work well also.

What this boils down to is what gun fits you, fills all your needs,and is the easiest to become and stay proficient with. So try as many as you can at the gun shops and gun shows. Get a feel for as many types and brands as you can. We can advise somewhat, but the final decision rests with you.

Take your time in researching this. The internet is a source of info,but not necessarily the best.

I do have experience and have Rugers, Taurus pistols,and the daughter has the CZs. All have served well and continue to do so. Also have limited experience with the S&W 59 & 69 series. Have very limited experience with the other brands,makes and models that are listed. But a bonus in being a competitor is seeing how other's pistols work for them.

So far all the above work well.
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First off I'd ask what makes/models of 45/40 do you have? Getting the same thing in a 9mm would transfer skills easier than getting a different gun. Unless you want to try something different.

Another thought (depending on what other guns you have) would be either a 22 conversion kit or just a good 22 pistol. There are many out there that will give many years of service. I have a Ruger 22/45Mk II that I love for cheap practice.

The crystal ball and and tarot cards say he might have a PT145 and likes and owns XD pistols in .40S&W and .45ACP. Might be wrong. Vibes are hard to read in this weather. :D
Qwiks draw said:
The crystal ball and and tarot cards say he might have a PT145 and likes and owns XD pistols in .40S&W and .45ACP. Might be wrong. Vibes are hard to read in this weather. :D
Somebody is quite the mindreader here, isn't he?

Yes I do have a PT145PRO, Yes I do have (and love) a XD45 Tac, Yes I do have a G22 in .40S&W. A CCW piece is not the quest, a ultra-reliable, bet-your-life-on-it piece is not required. This is to be a "fun" gun, and my shoot it some more 'cause it's cheaper to shoot gun.

As far a SA/DA or DA/SA or whatever, I like the trigger on my 3rd gen Mil-Pro(SA/DA) and I like the trigger on my SA autos. For primarily range work, I prefer not to have a DAO type of gun.

BTW, I also have quite a few .22 handguns and they get shot alot, but they're not centerfires and I miss the recoil of a "real" cartridge when shooting the 22's.

Keep the ideas coming!! I need input!
HEY!!!! I own a couple of High Point 9mm's and despite their somewhat blocky, rough appearance they are pretty nice, reliable firearms (especially for the cost). Because of the affordable price and ruggedness of them, they are perfect for storing them in out of the way places for quick protection. I keep my 2 High Points scattered around the shop, ready to fire inside a large ziplock baggy (with a dry-lock silic pack for moisture).

Now for my choice of a 1st handgun in 9mm or larger, I would go with the PT92. (Very accurate and reliable) Second choice would be a 24/7 in 9mm or larger (it is also very accurate and reliable, but with a polymer frame). I own a PT908, 945 w/ported barrel, which I really like but I feel you would enjoy the 24/7 or PT92 more. It would be best if you could handle any other the firearms in your list side-by-side if possible. Gunshows or larger gun shops are your best bet for that, unless you have shooting buddy's.
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mfetty77 said:
DON'T BUY A HI-POINT, EVER! I have a mil. Pro PT-111, like it very much. Paid $344 for it new. You can most likely find a good used one for under $300. Never shot the Sigma series by Smith. I would go to a gun range somewhere and try as many of these as you can.
Dont really agree with you on that I got a Hi-Point 9mm with about 3500 rounds through it been great so far. Dont get me wrong it doesnt compare to my 24/7 but for the price it does its job fairly well.
Time and again, people will get my vote for the PT92 when looking for a 9mm. Mine fits my hands perfectly and never have I had a FTE and only one FTFire, and that was due to a dud round. I've since replaced the factory grips with Hogue rubber grips and it feels and fits my hands even better now.

I like my PT92 so much as far as fit, finish and how it handles and shoots, that I now have a PT100 or PT101 on my list as a future purchase. The PT92 NIB was around $350.00 IIRC.

As some of the others have stated though, I'd handle all the ones you have the most interest in and see how they fit your hands and ultimately choose which is the best for you.

Good luck with your search. :)
Papachuck, No need to buy "used". A brand new PT 92 can be had for around (or under) $400 on-line. It should come with 2- 17 round magazines. Check around. The PT-92/99 will digest virtually any 9 mm. Mine is still new (less than 300 rounds), but it hasn't hiccupped yet. I've seen reports of 10,000 rounds with only normal maintenance required. That's why I bought mine.
I just looked at the Taurus PT99 SS online @ Buds and yup, I think that may be the one!

Hopefully I can find one at this weekends gun show at a price I can afford!
I definitely recommend a PT92 as a first choice, and have one with 22,000 rounds thru it!
Although I do own and operate other 9mm's, the PT92 is my first choice, always!

Bear in mind that the PT99 version has adjustable sights. (My pesonal choice is to avoid Semi-Autos with Adjustable sights as they can, in theory and sometimes in practice, shoot loose.)

Consider also the newer Full Size PT24/7 Pro in 9mm! There is one of these on my ever growing shopping list!

The Taurus PT908 is an excellent handgun, and I have one, just no longer made. The Taurus PT911 is also excellent!

Of some of the other Guns you mention, I have the following opinions.

S&W 59/69 Series - OK, but do not care for the Magazine Safeties

Ruger P Series - OK, very durable, built like the proverbial Tank and you won't break one, don't care for the Magazine Latches on these, but otherwise OK.

CZ75/85 - OK, but consider the newer CZ SP01 Tactical. I also own and operate EAA/Tanfoglio CZ CLones and actually like them quite a bit!

The Models not mentioned here, are not in my preference. They may not be bad or anything, just not my personal cup of tea! Speaking of Tea, it's Tea Time!
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I am very pleased with my Sigma 9ve. It has never malfunctioned, and shoots where it points. I have a friend with a HiPoint, and it functions well. It is ugly, heavy, and blocky, however. I can't look at it as a gun I would want to own. These are the only 9mms I'm familiar with.
Qwiks draw said:
I won't ask jwc007 how many lumps he wants for his tea though. :)
No Lumps! Pre-Sweetened Bottled Green Ice Tea. ;D
Totally unrelated comment. My young kids used to call my now deceased father Papa Chuck. Your screen name brought back memories.
E_Cartman said:
Totally unrelated comment. My young kids used to call my now deceased father Papa Chuck. Your screen name brought back memories.
I sincerely hope this is a good thing and my posts serve as a positive reminder of your dad. I'll try to do the name justice.
Now, for the news..... ???

I went to the gun show this weekend and made a purchase. ;D

Problem is, I still need a 9mm for the range!! ::)

I saw this gun on a table, not three minutes into the show that drew my attention, and was priced quite right. I just got there, and I wanted to look around the whole place. I walked off and started making my way through the rows of tables and all the choices of 9mm's we have been discussing. I didn't even get all the way across the room and that first gun kept calling me back; "come buy me before someone else does....my price is great...you really want me.....buy me....buy me....buy me...." over and over again. What could I do, I mean, I couldn't just let it sit there. Back I went, at a increasingly hurried rate, finally pushing the drove of people out of my way, and then.....there it was again. I snabbed it like a Mardi Gras dabloon, and yelled loud enough for the dealer to hear me over the crowd noise...."Hey..I'll take this!! Paperwork done...Gun mine.

Yee Haw!!!! ;D ;D ;D

Here it is;

Russian Saiga .308

Me Likey!! 8)
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Nice gun PAPACHUCK. Just want to see you carry that for CCW and what type of holster you're going to carry it in. ;D Of course now the mandatory shooting report on how she handles is paramount. :D
Hi-Point is right down there with Bryco in my opinion. They're jam-o-matics from my experience.

I do really like the Taurus 92 and i'm a big fan of the 24/7.

The 92 with the steel finish, pearl handles and gold accents looks very pimp indeed. If i buy a 9mm for myself that's what it'll be.

24/7 is a solid option too if you want down right rugged and reliable.
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