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I have more Taurus pistols then I have others combined lol The current Taurus pitols I own are

24/7 Pro .45

Both the 22 and 25 never get shot though , I spend to much time shooting the 45's and the wife shoots the 9mm. I will soon have a 24/7 Pro 9mm and the PT1911 stainless in 45 and 9mm when those come out

Other then the Taurus pistols in the stable I have a Sigma .40 a Glock21(.45) a Smith 99 (.45) a Ruger P90(.45) a Beretta Cougar(.45) and a Baby Eagle(.45)

The Glock and the sigma are both going to a friend of mine in trade so I don't really count them in the collection
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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