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I did something stupid

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I was using a laser bore site to site in a scope that I just mounted on my Ruger Mini 14. I repeated the process several times with increasing success, however the last time I did it, I really messed up. I forgot to take the laser bore site out of the end of the barrel. After suffering a few very minor shrapnel scratches to the face, I realized that I had just fired a .223 down the barrel. I found the end of the bore site about 80 yards from my firing position. Anyway...
The flash suppressor blew off and I couldn't find it. The front site and the roll pin was still in place, however the ends of the roll pin had been sheared off when I launched the flash suppressor off of the end of the barrel. I took the gun home and cleaned the barrel with a bore snake and tons of Break Free. The barrel looks shiny except for about a 1.5 of space, under the front site area, that looks a bit dark. I'm sure the gun will fire fine, but what can a good gun smith do repair the inside end of the barrel?
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Thank you jwc007,
That's kinda what I thought. I'll drop my Ruger off at a gun smith and have him check it out.
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