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I can see !!!!

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Just got the Nightsighters dots in and installed on
the Tauruses, damn they work great.
Even affixed them to the TCP, what a difference.:)
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Haha just kidding, sort of ;)
Pics of them on the TCP please! Thats the only real thing I dislike about my TCP, and my wive's too...the sights are useless, would be fantastic to solve that grievance.
I will see what I can do.
Nitesighters are a great alternative to tritium. Not as good, but not near as expensive either. I have them on my .45acp
Looks like you get 8 dots for $11ish. So almost 3 guns for $11? Pshh why not. I know its not tritium but some dot is better than no dot, and some light is better than no light.
We are talking Nitesiters here right?

looks like I found the same website you did Rawmade
We are talking Nitesiters here right?

looks like I found the same website you did Rawmade
Yup...and I read a review with pics, for what they are they seem to be well worth the change they cost for guns where Tritium isnt an option, case in point, the TCP.
Here ya go,


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I put them on the TCP, 709 and the MilPro 145,I like them alot.
Oh yeah, Im definitely getting them for our TCPs now.
I have always considered the TCP as an "up close and personal" weapon where point and shoot is more the order of the day rather than sighting and firing when TSHTF.
Will agree, but helps the wife to be able to sight in when
out shooting.
I agree, its mostly for my wife's, but at the same time, it wont hurt being able to actually sight in if the need arises and im only carrying it.
Thanks for the pictures! Did you happen to get these from the link I posted?
How was the delivery? I remember them having issues with delivery times a while ago
Yes, I got them from the link, and delivery was about 4 days to my location.
Installation was easy and they are on there. Will give a report when I can
get out to shoot.
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