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Howdy folks!

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Just joining up after finding this site. Lots of good info here. I'm new to the Taurus fold, but have been shooting a long time, and have other brands. I picked up a PT145 pro the other day thinking I was going to get the Springfield XD. The mill pro was a natural pointer for me, and the grip felt much better too. I wanted a small frame .45 for concealed carry, but didn't like the tiny grip on the Glocks and some others, so here I am.

I look forward to learning from you fellers, already have by snooping around a bit.
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big welcome from georgia buddy. look around and have fun, warning, its addicting.
Welcome to the forum, glad you could join us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Welcome to the forums.
As you no doubt will find out the PT145 club is vast and has a lot of experienced good natured types who own them.

There are no dumb questions here. All questions are welcome. We all had to start someplace when we all first began. Here there be mentors and friendly folk.

Do recommend that the FAQs be read and that old and new threads be perused to get brought up to speed if that hasn't happened already.
One othr oddity.

If doing a search.. do it while on the page with all the boards present rather than at one particular board of the forum. Otherwise the search take place for the info inside just the one board or forum and not the others. Odd, but there it is.

Pull up a chair,put the feet up, and sit a spell. Participation is greatly appreciated. Just be aware that homework( reading links with lots of info) might get assigned. :) ;) :D
Oh,yes. This is an eclectic bunch of staff and members. People here own many varied types of firearms. Includes some XD owners.
Hi Mike,
Welcome from Minnesota!
Welcome From Arizona :wave:

Glad that you are here..look around and have fun ;)

Watch out about this homework thing..Yikkeess..lol :p
Welcome from Missouri !!
A warm welcome from Tulsa Oklahoma!
And keep snooping around, 'cause you'll find
a ton of good info here! :D
Welcome from West Texas! :wave:
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