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Howdy all

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I kind of did this backwards and did my first post before introducing myself.
My name is Ken and I live in Akron, Ohio. Been around guns since I was about 12 and now in my mid 50's. Like shooting but really don't enjoy hunting. I found this forum with a google search and am interested to learn about these guns as I really like the new G2C 9mm that I recently purchased. I will be looking and reading to learn some and I am sure asking questions as well.
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​Welcome to the Forum from Gulf Coast Florida!
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....
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Welcome from:


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Welcome to a great forum Ken; hope you enjoy your stay here too.
Welcome to TA from Minnesota.
Welcome to TaurusArmed.net from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma.
Welcome, from the North Texas Horse Country!
Thanks for all the welcomes. I have been looking around on here and already have learned a few things. Even made the trigger better on my G2C already! GREAT site!!
Welcome from KY.
Welcome aboard from the "GunShine" state of Florida.

State of over 1 MILLION 150 THOUSAND Concealed Carry Licenses and counting!
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Welcome from the Mid-South!!!

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Hi HH, You'll find the forum full of helpful folks and our mods are second to none. Welcome to the forum from central Iowa.
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