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how to decide?

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Thats my self imposed question, how do i choose between the revolvers sold by Taurus? I want one for self defense and for hunting deer at 50 yards max.

By caliber i would be needing at least a 32 for serious defense, but for hunting at least a 357. But other then that, and handling how does one choose?
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I don't know if you can find a gun that will be a good fit for both things (defense and hunting). I should state now that I'm assuming carry vs home defense. If you're thinking home defense and not carry, picking a suitable load and you'll be off to a good start.

If you are thinking carry and hunting, you will end up compromising somewhere. There are larger carry guns (3-4" magnum revolvers) that would work for hunting but the barrel length is on the short side. On the flip side, if you stretch out the barrel length it becomes better for hunting but at the same time, it becomes more difficult to conceal.

Off hand, I'd take a serious look at the 4" 44 magnums. Yes, its on the large side for carry but you have the power to make it work for hunting. And you have the option of using 44 specials for carry.

Another idea might be to get two guns in the same or similar calibers. You could get a 6+" 357 for hunting and a 2" for carry (605 or 617?).

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