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How long for Florida to issue?

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I just sent off my ap for my CCW here in the Sunshine state. I will post a reply to this thread when it arrives in the mail. I've been told as little as 10 days to as long and 90 days. Should be interesting to say the least. If you are in Florida and have recieved your CCW, how long did yours take?


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It took about 4 weeks for mine and 3 weeks for my Dad's
It depends on the type of fingerprints you sent in. If you did them electronically, it will speed it up, but figure on a couple of weeks.
Did the electronic thing with the prints. Way easier than the last I did them in Illinois for a carry permit to work security/armored car. Hope it will be just a couple of weeks.

I did electronic fingerprints, and mine was in my hand within 2 weeks.... :)
Geez, here in TN they say 10 weeks when you apply. It has already been 4 weeks since I got printed electronically.
Dang, two weeks; now that is nice! Took me about 2 1/2 months both in OK and here in TX.
Right on the ap, it states answer in 90 days. At least something good does happen in florida. Right now 2 weeks or so is what I've been hearing the the shop where I took the class. Something in 2 weeks from the government when they don't want something from you, seems remarkable to me. We shall see.

Mine was the opposite of madmax40, mine was 3 weeks and my dad's took 4. once the got his fingerprints legible, it seems the prints don't show up as well with age.
I have everything for mine sitting here waiting to go except for my fingerprints. My local sheriff's office only does fingerprint scanning on Tues-Wed-Thurs, and my only day I'll be able to go there is Thursday. So that will get done then, and then its off to the state with a check to get my permit. It would be a good New Years Gift
340duster great handle. Neat old cars, go like he(), but after that, well you know.
+1 on a great New Years present. I should have mine hopefully next week or the following week.

Not yet...... :???:
When I was a FL resident I did the electronic fingerprints and it still took almost 4 weeks ( that was in Feb 07 )
I did the electronic prints and I got it in the mail exactly 18 days from the date I mailed it.
Re: How long for Florida to issue? 4 weeks and one day

Low and behold, when I went out to the mail box this morning, what did I find? Why a letter from the state of FLorida with my CCW in it. 4 weeks and one day for license to be issued. Not too bad considering holidays and all. Now to excercise the right. :guns:

threefortyduster, did yours come yet? :???:
Still waiting...tomorrow is 2 weeks, so we'll see. Hopefully its within the next 2 weeks.
Well, I just checked my bank account online, and the state cashed my check on Christmas Eve for the application, so I know its in their hands, and possibly on its way back to me. I guess we'll see within the next 7-10 business days :)
It took almost 3 full weeks after the state cashed my check for it to get to me. Check cleared bank 12.07.07 and I received 12.26.07. Just letting you know what happened for me. So you should see yours in about 2-1/2 weeks or so.
Permit came in the mail today...so it was a total of 4 1/2 weeks even with the holiday rush and/or mass vacation.

I'm happy with the outcome.
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