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How long does it take for Taurus to swap out magazines? - Update

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Both my second and third range trips with my 24/7 .40 were terrible. FTF after FTF after FT-effing-F. Out of each magazine, I had a minimum of 4 stoppages, with all rounds uniformly nosediving into the magazine body. They weren't getting hung up on the feed ramp - they were just not making it out of the magazine. I finally got fed up, and called Taurus, asking if they wanted the whole gun back, or just the magazines. She told me to send the mags in and they would replace them for free, so yesterday, I packed them up in a padded mailing envelope, and off they went. We'll se ehow long it takes them to get them back to me... :mad:
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Re: How long does it take for Taurus to swap out magazines?

They did replace one of my PT111 mags, after I faxed them the report about being defective.

It took about 16 days total. However, it was during the Thanksgiving Holidays, so it probably took about 5 days more than normal.
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