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I load for the 5.7mm Johnson wildcat (30 Carbine necked down to 22) and since the neck thickens as it gets formed down from 30 to 22 caliber, it is necessary for me to either neck turn or neck ream. I prefer to neck ream. The way I do it is to process the case as normal and after forming the neck the inside diameter will be 0.222 as determined by the expander plug. I then put the case on my Forster case trimmer (with a $20 reamer in place of the pilot) and ream it out to 0.224. I then full length resize the case so that it comes back out at 0.222 and thus has enough neck tension to hold the bullet.

I prefer neck reaming as opposed to neck turning for the reasons that it is simpler and doesn't create a stress concentration at the base of the neck, but either method can be made to work. Since I only need to remove 2/1000 inch of brass to be within specification it is easy to size to 0.222, ream to 0.224 and resize back down to 0.222. If you have to remove more brass than that, then neck turning might be the better way to go.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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