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pzlehr said:
I have a chance to get a model 669,SS,6" 357 for a good price. I have a few Taurus revolvers and semi-auto's and have only had one problem. The rear sight fell off my Raging Bull in 44 mag. Otherwise I think they are fine guns. Anyway, does anyone have experiance shooting a 669? How do they shoot compared to a S&W 686? How do they hold up? Any info much appreciated!!

I have one that I bought myself for Christmas in 1996 (4" SS). It's had over 10,000 rounds of hot 125gr 357 magnums through it w/narry a hiccup. I have had seven (7) FTF in those 10,000 rounds but it was ammunition failure not gun failure. Additionally I've put about 2,000 rounds of 38 Special through it also w/zero problems. They hold up well and in my case is just as accurate as my S&W® 4" 686.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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