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how do you guys stop the shirt from bunching up in isw holsters

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i see people discussing this subject, but not much on how they have overcome it. when i wear a t-shirt tucked and then an over garment i have little trouble, but in the spirit of trying to hide a 24/7 grip during the summer i have been working in a t-shirt only format and have found that i need to really keep after the shirt riding up and bunching on top of the grip. i have been thinking about using a tiny clip on stretchy strap similar to what i sometimes use on my eyeglasses, or maybe making a little ramp or something to lesson the shelf on top of the grip. it also may be i am using the wrong holster. also what are the special t-shirts i have heard about? this will be my first summer w/ the 24/7, i carried a slimmer single stack last year, mostly in a gut belt, but the isw is allot more comfortable.
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Took me a moment of thinking until I realized your isw is the same as iwb... guess we ought to create a dictionary of abreviations for the newbies (and some of us older guys). I think you're on the right track, but also make sure the holster holds the grip as close as possible to the body... you may have to adjust the position. And then there is always velcro... a clip on tab for the belt and a tab inside the shirt to grab it?
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How tight is the shirt? You need some space for the gun to "float" between the shirt and your body. I normally carry (when its warmer) with just a tee shirt. Going a size larger than you normally wear can help quite a bit. Also, not all shirts are cut/sized the same.

Wearing a belt will help keep the grip closer to your body also. That will help with the bunching part.
thanx, i am on the right track w/ the suggestions so far, i basically only have the issue w/ repeated up down motions, at this specific time i am doing painting, and the shirt can climb right on up and be all balled up on the grip in no time, i like the velcro idea, is anyone else doing it? i caught a reference to a special shirt or something once, i am guessing it is weighted like a shower curtain is sometimes done or something, anyone familiar w/ that?
Do you wear a button down shirt of a polo type? It's recommended for a leisure or no button shirt, for it to be one to two sizes larger and then worn untucked. Dark colors preferably. Doesn't print through as easy. Heavier material as well. Large polo, guyaberra, and similar shirts should work well.The belt should be a gun belt. Maybe even 2 thicknesses of leather. Holster should have a little cant as well. All this should bring the holster closer into the body as well. No silk or thin material shirt. Type of material in the shirt may make the shirt cling to gun or holster. Try out a few different materials to check this out. Cotton is usually the preferred material or mostly cotton. Pants should be at least 2 inches larger in the waist than normal for carry.This might help as well. There are vests and shirts made by .5.11. that could carry the gun even if you are painting. Put's the gun inside the vest or shirt. Wear something to protect the vest or shirt form the paint. Photographer's vest or one like a Banana Republic one should also be an alternative. Or use a belly band holster. Wear the gun at waist or belly button level and on the left hand side for cross draw purposes. Bianchi and Galco have them. Fanny pack would also work and if you are in constrution other tools or equipment could be placed in the pack as well as the gun. Just some different altermatives. There are ways to weigh the shirt down with weights. It might be easier to go with one of the alternatives.
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just to add another two cents, my holster had a velcro retention strap for the gun and i cut it off and the problem is considerably better.
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