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Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner (or other aerosol dry lube) opinions

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Don't see a lot of reviews/opinions online, so why not here. I've been using Hornady One Shot gun cleaner (not the case lube) on my carry pistol for about 6 months or so now. I like that it doesn't weep like oil, and is easier to apply even than CLP. After a range session, gunk wipes/blows right out each time. The hardest thing about it is that "Indiana Jones taking that first step across the chasm onto the invisible bridge" leap in mentality. "I see nothing, but this can says it is lubed. Please don't destroy my gun when I fire it next"

Roughly 1000 rounds through, and still works well. A little pricey to use on all my weapons, but for the one I shoot and carry most I really have come to like it. Maybe because I can be a messy oiler :).

What do y'all think? Anyone else using this or one like it?
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Haven't used that particular one, but I find the FrogLube experience similar. It looks dry, and in fact is, but once it heats up when firing a few rounds it starts "getting wet". It's like a seasoned cast iron pan. And, like your experience with this product, the days accumulation of gunk wipes right off.

I love this stuff, but the first application is kind of a process. Smells nice, though!
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