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Does anyone use the Hornady Case Comparator? I've thought about getting one for quite some time but kept thinking that it wasn't that big of a deal. Lately, however, as I've begun my Adventures in Grendel, I've busied myself with figuring out exactly what my absolute max COAL is in various rifles. All the while, I've been reading up on bullet jump and seating depth (they go hand in hand - I know) and finally decided to get one.

First thing I noticed is that my ogive (primarily on the freshly loaded Grendel rounds) is all over the place - due to loading match hollow points, where the actual length of the bullet is all over the place as well and I was loading to a predetermined COAL using just my calipers.

In the last run of 15 initial test rounds, I will measure on the ogive for consistency and mark them so when I get a chance to finally go shooting, I will be able to see if there is any noticeable accuracy and SD improvement.

Anyone else use this gadget? Did it do anything for you?
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