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Holsters for railed PT92s?

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Hey y'all.

I just picked up a PT92AF and was wondering if the rail is something that would prevent me from using any holster designed to fit a 92-type weapon. Seems that with some of the form-molded holsters, the rail would get in the way. I'd prefer something like the Blackhawk SERPA, but want to make sure that my gun will fit prior to purchasing one.

Thanks in advance.
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I checked on the same thing. One of the manufacturers I checked was Protech. They make nylon holsters. The model for the Beretta 92 is different than that for the Taurus PT 92. They also make a Taurus model for when a lite or laser is mounted. Here's the site. Check with the dealers. They have better pics. http://www.protechoutdoors.com/index.htm
When I called Protech, the salesman was very helpfull. I had questions about fitting my D.W. too.
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