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I am getting my CHL soon, so I am thinking of a holster. I am leaning torwards the Split Decision from HighNoon for my PT111. The Bianchi Professional is another option. I know that a few of you use those. I am not exactly convinced that that 'the black clip on a black belt fools the eye', plus I wear brown belts usually. What I ALWAYS have with me is my cell phone on my belt, so I am wondering if this is a crazy idea. I am trying to figure if I could glue/screw my cell phone clip to the holster clip. I'm thinking that if I do it low on the holster clip my phone would be below the top of the belt, so it should not interfere with the draw. What do you all think? I wondering if there is enough clearance between the clip and the belt for a screw/nut to be there.
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