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Why not just get a cell phone belt pouch to slide on the belt over the holster clip?

It's not an unheard of ploy, though. Ever seen a "pager pal"? Of course, who wears a pager anymore? LOL But, it's the same idea except with a functional cell phone.

I have a Rosen Workman tuckable that comes with a key fob to clip to the holster clip to disguise it as a key holder and that works quite well. I just loop my key ring into the snap on the holster loop and snap it over. Had one of those chained wallets for a while, even better. Lately, though, I've been into pocket carry.

I really don't like those belt clip type holsters. I've had the holster come out with the gun before. I guess it depends on the design of the clip, though. Some of 'em have a little hook that keeps the clip from riding over the belt. I still prefer a leather snap loop, though, more secure. The loop on the Sparks Summer Special has two snaps for added security and they must be pulled down to unsnap, won't unstap in the other direction lifing up.

One thing I don't like is anything in close proximity of the weapon if I need at it in a hurry. I've found if I stick my cell phone near the gun it can get in the way of the draw. Just have to experiment with it and see for yourself, I reckon.
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