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The black plastic clip blends in well enough with a black belt that no one has said anything to me in the few years I've been using it. But, if I'm going to be somewhere there is knowledgeable people (like a gun show that doesn't allow carry) I won't use it.

I haven't had any trouble with the black kydex clips but I only use them with a double thickness leather gun belt. It seems to give enough width for a good hold by the clip. The only time I've had a clip come un-hooked I'd bounced by hip off something with an upward hip and dislodged it. The front clip was still fine.

If I couldn't wear the gun belt I'd want loops. It really helps to have the clips/loops the same color as the belt. I've started getting all my belts in black to keep things simple. If your holster has removable snap loops you could get them to match your belt. It would be cheaper than having multiple holsters for different colors (unless you absolutely must color coordinate).


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