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Holster for PT1911

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Curious what holsters you guys are using to conceal carry a PT1911. I want to purchase a good holster for mine and could use the recommendations. I have heard the Milton Sparks models are exceptional for carrying a full size 1911. But they are quite expensive, guess you get what you pay for haha. I'm probably looking for an IWB solution.
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Being that I am the impatient sort. I can't do the online ordering thing. So I found the concealed belt holster by Galco and love it. I use it as my daily carry and have forgotten that I'm wearing at times. Funny thing is that it is an OWB holster, being that the name of the holster is concealed.

When I carried my Kimber 1911 I used a Milt Sparks Watch-Six. It's comfortable and works well. Its not one of the high end Sparks models but I was very happy with it. If you want something quicker try out Lightning Arms Sports. I've done business with them repeatedly and always had great service. Even had them next day air a holster I wanted for a vacation once.


There might be a used Watch-Six coming up for sale in the near future....

Take a look at the Galco Sky Ops with the "Y" hook. Conceals extremely well and the hook disappears on a black belt.
Any info on how comfortable those are say when you have to sit down, or drive, etc? Should I look for any particular features to ensure comfort while driving etc? That Galco looks pretty nice. I also like the Milt Sparks models like the Watch Six and Versa Max 2. Seems like the width of those might make it a bit more stable but I don't know I'm still trying to learn this stuff haha. I appreciate the tips. I have to get some kind of good holster for carrying soon.
I have driven several hours in a day wearing my 1911. The only problem was that I discovered later that the butt of the grip wore holes in my shirt! But it was hot and I was likely shifting more than normal. And I had never wore holes in shirts before with the same length of drive.

When sitting down into a car seat you sometimes have to shift a little to get comfortable but other than that no issues. I also have a VM2 but prefer the Sky-Ops because of the "Y" hook.
check these holsters out im ordering one this weekend. http://www.crossbreedholsters.com/contact_us.html
Funny you should mention that. I just read this review and I'm considering ordering one myself.

phantom45 said:
Funny you should mention that. I just read this review and I'm considering ordering one myself.

What I like about these holsters is that large piece of leather that goes over the gun handle so that the gun doesnt rub up against your body. Only down side is the 6-8 weeks wait for one but I guess its not too bad they are making them by hand when you order it.
Is anyone using one of these crossbreed brand holsters? They look to be good quality for a reasonable price compared to some of the custom leather jobs I've seen out there.
i am looking for holster for out side my pants that i can wear cock and lock that covers the complete lenght of the barrel so it doesnt rub the blueing off. is there any prefrences to leather/plastic holsters from you guys out here???
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