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Hey Y'all

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I have been lurking for a few years now but didn't join until now. Because, quite frankly,I didn't have anything useful or witty to say...until today. I think I found 13 round mags for the PT809C. I will update in that thread if they fit and function.

Gonna have to borrow a neighbors to test though...since space aliens stole all my weapons.
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Welcome from West Texas! :hand26:

Sorry about the aliens.:sad:
Thanks for the welcome...I am a PA transplant in FL.
Lot's of Floridians here, and Pennsylvanians too!:thumb:
Welcome aboard from the "Gunshine State" for Florida.

State of over 1 MILLION 150 THOUSAND Concealed Carry Licenses and counting!
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鈥媁elcome to the Forum from Gulf Coast Florida!
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Welcome to TA from Minnesota.
Welcome from Williston!!
Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida too. Citrus County.
Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma.
Welcome to the Forum from North Texas! :wave: We're mighty glad you decided to join "Ye Merrye Crewwe"! :thumb:

We're those aliens illegal or did they have a green card?!?! :rofl: :icon_ poke:
to the forum from the Florida Keys! :wave:
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1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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