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I think he is talking about inside his vehicle.

When I went through the CCW course in MO, it was my understanding that your vehicle is an extension of your home. So yes, you can carry a loaded rifle, concealed or not, inside your vehicle. Provided you are legally able to own the rifle.

"In addition to the concealed carry endorsement discussed above, Missouri now permits any person who is at least 21 years old to transport a concealable firearm in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle. No concealed carry endorsement is required. Under the old law, the peaceable journey exception to the unlawful-use-of-a-weapon law permitted travelers on a continuous peaceable journey to carry a concealed weapon. The peaceable journey exception is still in the law, and may apply in circumstances where the new law does not (i.e. if the person is less than 21 years old). Also, any coroner, deputy coroner, medical examiner, or assistant medical examiner may carry a concealable firearm upon or about their person without an endorsement.

q: : Does a person carrying a weapon in a vehicle also have to have a permit for the gun? a a: : No. A weapon may be carried anywhere in a vehicle, even concealed on the person, under the vehicle exception

Note: Note: This law does not affect the law prohibiting possession of a concealable fire- arm by a dangerous felon."

www.mshp.dps.mo.gov [email protected] My sources, dated 03/13
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