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Hey, Hey, New here :)

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Someone directed me to introduce myself here.... :)

Lesse, I've been carrying legally for about a year now... So has my wife.... She started out on Taurus, and now she's got me buying them too :) (She started off on a SWEET 605BB, 1.75"bbl .357 5-shot... Moved up to a PT-111MilPro). She carries OWB in a Desantis Mini-Slide

ATM, as my nick would suggest, I carry a PT-140MilPro. 2nd gen, I think... Not 100% sure on that tho. Either way, she shoots fine, and, is my first handgun who's caliber starts with '4' :) I carry her in a Bulldog canvas OWB, for the moment, until I decide which custom holster I want from UBG (see: http://ubgholsters.com , I've bought several from them, and, he does GREAT work!)

Lets see.... why not share some pics, as well :)

That's a few of ours :) Most of the rest are 'variants of the same', or, buried too deep in the safe for me to mess with...

Either way, nice place y'all have going here.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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