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Help with identifying What millennium I have!!

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And why is it so hard to find information or accessories for this gun. It’s old but I want to switch sights out on it but I can barely find stuff that fits it
Wow, just from that picture it looks like all the markings have been polished off the slide, and the serial number is missing from the barrel. It is possible there is a serial number on the back (at the top of the grip). You may be able to "chat" with taurus customer service and give them your serial number and get a definitive, authoritative answer.

It looks like an early PT1xx Millennium which haven't been produced for a lot of years, so as you've found, accessories may be very hard to come by. If it truly is one of the early PT1xx Millennium guns, there have been quite a few new generations since then and there is probably no market for accessories. The good? news is, that gun would have been part of a settlement in which Taurus will send you a replacement (likely the 9mm PT111G2c Millennium Pro) in exchange for yours. However, since it will be a new serial number, the gun will have to be transferred through an ATF licensee and you'll have to pay any associated transfer fees.
Wassup brother the marking are all on the gun just the way I had the firearm positioned you couldn’t see it was kinda sunny in the Room and as for the Serial number it’s actually on the back of the grip. I had the serial number ran and it came back clean. As for returning it back for a newer generation could you provide me with more information on what I would have to do to get a swap out I really appreciate you
Seek and ye shall find ! I hope this link helps you and welcome to the forum ! Which generation of the Millennium series do I have?
Appreciate you brother!!
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