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Help w/ Identifying Model # for Small Frame Revolver

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Hello all and Happy New Year! Just retrieved from my home in IL a Taurus 38SP snub nose I've had for almost 20 years. I tried the Taurus website to find the model number with no success.

It's a 5-shot. Serial# is MA989XX. Got it in a trade with a FFL dealer in or before 1989 in Jackson MS.

Appreciate your help.

btw: This handgun has held up exceptionally well over so many years. It's moved across the country and back while I was on active duty (MS, WA, LA, IL, now back to LA). The finish is still the same as the day I traded a S&W for it. Only recently did the firing pin break. Decided to put it into active service as my car gun.
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Well, if it has the external hammer and is a 5 shot I'd think its a M85. The same basic gun with a different firing system is still in production.

I have the 1988 issue of Sportsmans Gun Annual (Harris Pubs). It lists five Taurus .38 specials.
#1. Model 80: 3 or 4 in bbl. Square notch sight. 5 shot. Blue or satin. #2. Model 82: 3 or 4 in heavy bbl. Square notch sight. Blue or satin. 5 shot. #3. Model 83: 4 in bbl. Micro click adj sight. Heavy bbl. Blue or satin. 6 shot. #4. Model 85: 2 or 3 in bbl. Square notch sight. 5 shot. Blue, satin, or stainless. and # 5. Model 86: 6 in. (only) bbl. Micro click adj sight. Blue only. 6 shot.
Check the inside of the frame (open cylider), or under the grips. It's probably got a number somewhere.
I hope this helps.
Model 85. Thanks for the help, guys.
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