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Help ... stop me from buying a PT945

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OK, I've been a Taurus revolver guy up until now (and, no, my revolvers aren't going anywhere), but I have determined that I am going to pick up a 24/7 OSS when they are available. The grip of the 24/7 fits my small hand well, and I figure the OSS should be a splendid bowling pin pistol.

Now here's the issue. I kinda sorta have my eye on a PT945. Again, it seems to fit my hand really well. But I don't "need" it ... and I don't even have a good reason to buy one ... except that I seem to want one. So if someone can throw in some less-than-stellar experiences that will convince me to pass on the PT945, it would really help me (at least financially ;D).

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I say buy it!!!

I know I am tons of help huh hahahaha
Give in the the dark side!!!!! Do it.

I didn't "need" my 945 when I bought it, either, but I'm glad I did.

Shoots great. Simple to maintain. Reliable as an anvil.


I had one.
Trigger in DA mode was built by Mack Truck.
I'm a lefty. It dropped mags when my finger slid over the mag release. That was embarassing.
I hated how it fit my hand.


If you have the chance to shoot one before you buy, do it! That's about the only way you will find if you will really like one or not. I did not need yet another handgun before I bought mine, either. My PT945 replaced a Sigarms P220 and I do prefer the PT945, due to it's lower bore axis. My PT945 has been very accurate and reliable. The only feeding problem mine has had is that it does not like Semi-Wadcutters. However, I do not need it to feed Semi-Wadcutters. I have read of other PT945's digesting Semi-Wadcutters, but not mine. It's fine with all FMJs, Flat Points, and JHP's.

My only real complaint with the PT945 is that it's hammer has a tendency to bite me during the recoil cycle. The only thing that has not endeared it to me! I plan to Dremel the Hammer sometime soon. I've given my PT945 a few custom touches and do like it, but it is not my Favorite .45. I have two EAA Witness .45's that are my favorites, yet my PT945 is not for sale anytime soon! The advantage the PT945 has over my Witnesses is that it is slightly smaller, lighter, and more easily concealed. Also, Trigicon makes night sights that will fit all of the PT900 series pistols. No Night Sights available yet for Witnesses. Also in the event of a shooting, I'ld rather give the Police my PT945, than any of my Witnesses.

Size comparison of EAA .45 Witness to Taurus PT945

Another .45 to consider is the Ruger P345. I have been very impressed by one I've shot. Not as concealable as my PT945, though!
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I hqd a 945, and it was one great shooter. The only problem I had with mine was it would not fire off Winchester primers. It would lite CCI, Federal but not Winchester. replaced the firing pin, recoil rod and springs, firing pin spring, but with no luck. I do believe this was a rare problem and only to my 945. I sure did like that 945. Good luck in your quest. Like other posters said, if you get a chance to shoot it first by all means do it, but then you'll really be in love with it, mabye you better not, hi.
Another thing to consider is perhaps picking up a DA/SA version of the standard shorter barreled 24/7. That pistol would share magazines and trigger action with the 24/7 OSS, yet be shorter and more concealable for carry.
I will be of no such help!I bought a used 945 a few months ago.and I love it..for me it's the perfect 45.Cocked and Locked,ambi safety(I'm a lefty)Recoil is controllable.Feeds everything I put in it so far.Easy to take apart to clean.And it fits my Glock holsters....what's not to love?Buy it.....
Hey folks, thanks for the replies ...

In general, I know that the PT945 does not seem to "fit" those with larger hands. I am not one of those guys. The EAA Witness, as well as the Taurus 92/99, Beretta 92, Springfield .45 XD, etc., are all uncomfortably large for me. On the plus side, my shooting hand has never experienced hammer bite with any firearm. I picked up a PT945 and it felt great. I'm not sure where there is one around locally that I can shoot first, though.

AFS - I'm not sure why you lefties get left out in the rain on firearm designs most times. It seems like, as a whole, there is a large enough lefty market to warrant your own line of opposite-side-engineered autos. The AR receiver makers are doing it.

jwc - The 24/7 alternate you suggested is a very sound, practical idea. Note, however, that this potential purchase started with no basis in need or practicality ... so there's no sense in throwing that in now. ;D

As for the rest of you who said to buy one ... well, I think you're just looking for rationalization to purchase your next unneeded firearm.

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Unneeded firearm..what's that?I need them all.................. ;D
Rationality be damned
OK, here's a reason to not buy one. Thats money that could go towards an evil assault weapon (if you don't already have one) before our wonderful guberment attempts to tell us how to live and what to think. Or you could get both.

I'm not helping much am I?

Get the 24/7 first then work on the PT945.
I say go with the Pt945. I am about to purchase one. my only hesitation is the lack of accessories for it. Im planning on using mine for CC and im trying to find a good holster/ magwell and grips. so far thats all.

I havnt delt with the hammer pinching when i have fired it. but i have skinny hands.
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