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Hello, I'm new. Thinking about pt1911. Figured you guys know.

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I've done quite a bit of research. 95% through the door. Any drawbacks. I've seen all the positive. I can't find any blogs threads or reviews where someone has anything bad to say except the clips are a bit shoddy.
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Welcome to the forum, glad to have you join us. :)

Any drawbacks to or problems with the PT1911? Not in my experience. The only gripe that I've heard surface from time to time with some is that they don't like the finish, or more specifically, they think it's too thin. Personally speaking, I don't find that to be the case with mine.

The only other thing, and it's minor, is that most don't like the factory plastic grips and opt to change them. Again, not a big deal.

If you purchase a PT1911 have no worries. You'll have an excellent representative of the 1911 breed, period. :D
Welcome to the forum from another newbie. I had not heard anything good or bad when I purchased my Pt1911. I have owned various pistols over the past 40 years. Some of them good and some not so good. However, I purchased my Taurus without doing any extensive research so I had no prujudice. I am very happy with the fit and finish. Accuracy of the pistol is better than that of the shooter. If possible find a range that rents this model and give it a try. Had mine about 2 weeks, fired over 500 rounds, no problems. Seems to be a well built reliable firearm.
Thanks for your input. I think that I will be getting this soon.
Welcome to the forums!

I just purchased my PT1911 a few days ago. I have only put 150 rounds through it, but I think it is a solid pistol.

I have read some nightmare stories about the PT1911, but I don't know how reliable those stories are since the couple I did read seemed to come from individuals with a clear bias against the gun. However, I have read more positive reviews about the PT1911 than negative from reputable shooters. In fact, I have yet to read a negative review from anyone who has actually taken the time to run 500 rounds through this pistol. It is a good gun and not just because of the price.
I would say the finish is the weak point, but I've had mine since last September and it just shoots! Handles everything I've fed through it, and is a great buy for the money.

The only negative I've heard about it was in a GunTests review and they experienced some kind of failure (if I were home I'd try to look up the appropriate issue). That was obviously a sample of one.
I'm definately getting this piece. If only I could talk someone into buying my pool table.
Actually I've put over 200 rounds through my gun and never had a problem from the gun or the mags. It will digest everything... I'd love to try loading some wad-cutters... I have some VERY flat nosed 230 grs... and it swallowed them without a hiccup! Finish is similar to some other guns out there... I've got an FN Hi-Power with has the most beautiful polished deep blue... and I've seen other including the Sig P220 where the slide looked like it was dry and needed some oil.

I've not asked anyone if they had tried putting some rub on finish... even waxes... to keep the slide (actually the frame is a better finish) looking nicer.

Check out the PT1911 section... lot's of info there
Welcome to TA! You'll love the PT1911! If you ordered one already, you can start shopping for new grips! That's about the only thing you will want to change.
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