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Hello from St. Louis

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I'm fairly new to Taurus and now I'm hooked.

I bought a PT1911 last November and was very impressed. :)

Then in December I bought a 651 for CCW, it's a nice gun but it back at Taurus now for warranty work. :mad:

This past March I bought a 970 SS because "I didn't have a 22 revolver yet". ;)

I look forward to learning from you fellow Taurus owners and sharing what I can.

I started reloading over 20 years ago and got away from it as the kids were growing up. Now that the kids are grown I've got back into reloading about 5 years ago. I reload alot of 380, 38/357, and of course 45acp. (I couldn't afford the 45 if I didn't reload).

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Welcome aboard Steve, glad to have you with us!
I have to tell you up front that the addiction to Taurus firearms will only get worse as time progresses. :D

A few of us here own the PT1911 and the consensus is wholly, if not 100%, positive. I put mine at the top of the heap with my PT92 as far as my two favorite pistols now. That spot may have to be shared once more when the 24/7 PRO OSS model comes out. :)

Again, good to have you here and best wishes. :)
Welcome to the forum!! I'm from right across the river (Collinsville).
Welcome to the boards. I see the Welcome Wagon has already been here. ;D The revolver and PT1911 contingent are fairly well represented at the various boards. :)
Thanks for the warm welcomes. I'll try to do some back reading and see what I can contribute.

I've been to MANY gun shows on your side of the river, mostly to get reloading supplies and check out a large assortment of guns. :)

It has always stuck me as odd that I can legally have a loaded gun in my car and legally carry with a CCW permit on this side of the river where we have too few of good gun shows. Then I'm supposed to unload my gun and lock it up and make myself defenseless to travel to the better gun shows on your side of the river. ???

I've finally made a contact with a few dealers on this side were I can deal directly and not have to travel over there as often. I alway find more "bargains" than budget when I go to a show even though I take a shopping list when I go. ;)
Welcome from The Lone Star State.
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