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Hoping to be new taurus PT24/7 owner from Central PA here.
I'm fairly new to pistol - although I've been shooting long guns for years.
I currently own Beretta 92F/S Inox - produced in 1992, with all metal parts, unlike newer one with some plastic parts-, PA63(my current CCW. fires 9x18Makrov. nice little gun, but leaves something to be desired when it comes to defending ur life with it), and few long guns.

my current wish list include, but not limited to: PT24/7Pro 9mm to repplace my PA63 as CCW, 1911 of some sort thats in Stainless. Funny, Taurus makes them too ;D, and possibly XD45ACP actical.

Just wanted to say hi, and hope i gain knowlege from all of ur experience, since i'm by no means expert!

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Hello and welcome to the forum. You might want to post this question under the "Semi-auto" forum because I don'ty think many oif our members check the New Member area. You might get more responses there.

To answer your first question, visit the following three sites:

Then, do a search for the gun you are interested in. I have found that prices on these sites are roughly equivelent to what you might get at a gun show.

I can't speak about the reliability of the 24/7, but I have mostly heard good things about it.

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