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Hello from New Member

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Hi folks,

My name is K-Man (Kevin for short ;D). I make custom leather holsters and accessories for a variety of guns. My company is K&D Holsters. While we have an assortment of standard holsters available, we also do true custom work. So don't hesitate to ask for something in that respect. I also do the traditional leathercraft type of items, such as wallets, belts, check book covers, etc. Thanks for the opportunity to join up with you all here, and I look forward to visiting often.

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Welcome aboard! Do you make any good holsters for a PT145 Mil Pro?

Welcome to the site K-Man, please check your PM's by clicking on the 'My Messages' button at the top. :)
Welcome Kevin. PM me and let me know if you have a pocket holster for Kel Tec P3AT.
Thanks for the welcome, folks. :)

Flyer - email sent. PM wouldn't work for me to respond.

michaelfm - email sent.

BoneDigger - we offer both IWB and OWB holsters for the PT 145 MilPro. Visit our website and see what might interest you and feel free to ask any questions.
Sending you an e-mail...

How tight does the Eagle Defender ride? Also, what does the Cochise look like from the back?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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