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Hello from Mo.

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I just ordered the PT 111 in 9mm. I am an insurance adjuster, and mainly look at vacant houses in St. Louis. I wanted a gun I could trust, easy to carry, and it also had to look good. I am pretty picky, but for the price, I dont see how I could have gone wrong. Any other adjusters out there?
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Welcome to the forum, glad you could join us. Our PT-111, PT-140 & PT-145 contingent is fairly well represented and continually growing. :) If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
I am sure I will have several questions. My gun should be in Sat. or Mon. I cant wait.
Welcome to the best Taurus board on the net :thumb:
I picked up my PT 111 PRO today. I love it. I have not had the chance to shoot it yet, but it fits the hand nice, and seems to be well balanced. The guy I bought it from saked me to tell him how I liked it, because his wife saw it and they are both thinking of buying one. I am just glad to get it home.
Please don't forget a range report for us here aswell
I will be hitting the range this weekend. My last gun had a fixed barrel, and it is strange seeing the barrel pointing upward when the slide is back. Does that not affect the accuracy of the gun with the barrel not being fixed? It sure seems like the bullet would be slung upward when the barrel raises.
Trust me that bullet is long gone before anything starts to rise ;)
Taurus 9mm - I'm in St Louis on buisness and I'll be at the Busch range this Sat at 10am (open). I brought my 24/7 and a brand new sti spartan 1911. Been waiting on that pt1911ss for too long, and my guy at the gun show convinced me that the sti was better slide fit and more accurate than the pt 1911, so last saturday I took the plunge and got the sti. Let me know if you wanna join up.
I would love to, but it is 3 hrs away, and we are going to the lake this weekend. We bought a new boat at the first of the year, and have not had the time to get to the lake much in the last few months. I'm trying to get some more time in on the water before we have to put her away for the winter.
Fair Enough. I picked up a STI Spartan 1911 last saturday, then had to travel for work on sunday. Couldnt bear to wait 3 weeks to shoot it, so I brought it along. I'll put up an STI Spartan range report in other guns sometime next week.
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