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Welcome to the forums. Have seen you over at THR and TFL. You might know me as Weregunner over at THR. Defender of Taurus,Ruger, and any other gun maker who is unjustly wronged by the THR and TFL throngs. :) :D

Actually it boils down to is, if the owner is satisfied with a product, then they should well be so, and to heck with other's opinions to the contrary. If a product does a job well then there is no reason to besmirch it. Many are the types who cannot see that for some reason. Disrespecting people and their choices, when those choices made were done in a common sense manner,frosts the ol' cookies.

Try to get a good word for both this place and Taurus Talk at other forums at times, since both have much in common. As Red Green of the "Red Green Show" of Canada is heard to say time and time again," I'm in there rooting for you.We're all in this thing together". ;D :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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